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The project

My customer, HerbalifeĀ“s top seller in Europe, contracted me to design the new APP based on their current system to lead generation and customer management. It's about transforming the web environment into an app, maintaining the basic functionalities and building a great user experience.

The problem

The current system has a lot of functionalities not really relevant for the user and they have a high maintenance cost in comparison with the gain yield. Data metrics don't exist.

The solution

I researched the functionalities that haven't added value for the user, and which of them are the most used. When I had the results, I would use the knowledge to create the new APP.

My role

  • Information architecture
  • User research & Persona creation
  • Wireframes & Prototyping
  • UX Design
  • UI Design

Research & Personas


I had more than 2000 customers to be able to research what functionalities are more used, and how would they like would like the APP to be.

I did two different actions:

APB Health System

Focus group

I brought together the 8 more active users on the system to ask them how would they like the new APP to be. To drive the meeting, I raised some questions that later would help me to define the survey that I would launch randomly to 100 users.

The questions

  • What functionality do you think is more important in the system?
  • How do you improve that functionality?
  • Which data on the nutrition study is most relevant for you?
  • Which data in the nutrition study do you think is more necessary?
  • What functionalities of the system would you delete?
  • Do you think if you have an APP, that would ease your use of the system?

The conclusion

  • Every customer thought that nutrition study is the most important functionality in the system.
  • They agreed that the most important data in the nutrition study are Weight, waist, fat, IMC, and water.
  • They thought that it would be a great idea to develop the APP.


I launched a survey to 100 randomly chosen active users and I received 42 answers. I took advantage of the survey to find out which device the users use to enter in the system because the company had not got any measures.

The questions

APB Health System

1. What device is usually used to enter the system?

  • Mobil
  • Computer
  • Tablet

2 Choose the functionalities of the system that you more use.

  • Nutrition study
  • Custom meal plans
  • IMC calculator
  • Calorie calculator
  • Calorie intake calculator
  • Heart rate calculator
  • Energy spends calculator

3. In general, do you think the system is easy to use?

  • No
  • Only for some things
  • Yes

4. Do you use a bioimpedance scale?

  • Yes
  • No

The conclusion

With this simple survey, I wanted to verify if the conclusions of the focus group meeting were correct. I could check that most of the customers thought the same about the functionalities and the user experience of the system. I had to design a highly visual APP, simplifying the functionalities and with a simple user experience


I had a data base with more than 2000 customers and I knew exactly who were the potential customers. However, I made the user persona cards to extend the information about the customers.

APB Health System
Design Process
APB Health System

Start of project

I sketched the main functionalities being sure of how the user experience should be in this Project. I included everything necessary for the APP to fulfill every requirement of the customers which will speed up the interaction with the system.

Testing with the focus group

I reunited the members of the first focus group to present the sketches and see what their reactions were.


  • The users thought that it would be interesting to be able to log into the App with fingerprint.
  • The users thought that it would be useful to be able to add a goal and can see the progress in a visual way on the main dashboard.


I needed to consult with the project manager and IT manager about the possibility of developing the new functionality and if there was a budget to do it. Finally, the functionality was approved to include the development of the APP.


When I had decided all functionalities I did the interactive prototypes for each main functionality, completely defining each interaction and an approximation of how the user interface will be.

In order to avoid possible bias, I asked for new volunteers to do a user test for the prototypes. Taking advantage of a group meeting, I could set up 2 sessions with 5 users per session, and I could observe and draw conclusions.


  • The users thought that the screen of the nutrition study was a bit confusing. They would prefer to be able to see with more clarity the weight, and they would find it more interesting to be able to see the progress to the goal.

In general, the user test was a success. The users can complete every task assigned in ashort time and with hardly any doubts on how to do it.

APB Health System
UI Design
APB Health System
APB Health System
APB Health System
APB Health System
APB Health System

UI Design

After the design of the functionalities and user experience was completed, I did all the visual design of the APP. I followed the steps which I did on the website, using a simple palette of colours which included the corporate colours and a small palette of neutral colours, together with a clear and simple iconography .

Many thanks

For the great team of IT and all the collaborators who helped me in the research. This project could not have been possible without you.