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Nº1 in health insurance in Spain

The project

With a long history of the sales of insurance by telephone, the company embarking on the business of online insurance sales mean it needs to become a tied agent to the leading health insurance company in Spain.


Having multiple competitors in the digital market with years of experience selling Adeslas insurances, the challenge was position ourselves in the market offering an informational product that helps the user to make decisions about what Adeslas insurance would be more suitable for him and his family.


Create a product that differentiates clearly of the competence generating additional value to the user through some functionalities that help the user to make decisions, and at the same time was focused on the conversion of health products.

My role

I led the UX, UI and research team to create the product which will meet the requirements for generating new customers.

The process

  • Analysis of the adeslas top sellers and the competitors
  • Research and personas definition
  • Wireframing & Prototyping
  • UX / UI Design
  • Front End Development
  • Testing and optimization

Research and conclusions

Competition Study

With the data provided by Adeslas about the tied agents with more sales, we did a study of the user experience on the websites of those companies.

We had some important competitors.

On one hand, we had the comparators, that they only show the final assumption price of the insurance together with others from the competitors. In this case, it was irrelevant to do a study of the user experience on their websites because their goal was really different than our goal.

And on the other, we studied the user experience on the websites of the 3 Adeslas insurance top sellers. We could verify that the information on those websites was pretty limited. They had all the products of Adeslas, but they were websites focussing on generating a telephone call, not to advise the user and then generating the telephone call, that’s it was our idea.



Focusing on all users wich interacted with the MVP and didn't hire, we realized a survey with 3 simple questions to identify the pain points and solving in the new design.

  • What product were you interested in?
  • Why didn't ask for telephone information?
  • What would you change on our website to improving it?


With a 28 users response rate we identified the following pain points:

Comparison. The user was researching the most competitive product and our website didn’t add enough value to generate the call.

Trust. The users argued lack of trust because of the limited information on our landing page comparatively with other competitors which offered all products of Adeslas.

Confusing. We identified a lack of coherence between the AdWords ads and the landing page, that carry on the user in a confusing way and in consequence he abandoned the website.


  • Increasing the user confident with a new informational website that will cover all Adeslas products.
  • Highlighting the product strengths and promotion in progress.
  • Adding a differentiating value in the user experience through functionalities that help to make decisions.
  • Simplifying the contact process along the customer journey.



Based on sales data collected by the MVP (minum product viable) along the 3 previous months, we defined the profile of the persons who have more possibilities of conversion. With that data, we could build the complete user profile. Situation, interest, and motivations to take the decision to contract insurance.



I defined the customer journey thinking in the different functionalities that we will create to help the user in making decisions. I thought in different ways to can advising the user in a non-intrusive way and get our objective, which was a telephone call.

Design Process


We did a brainstorming where were born the first sketches about the information architecture and the functionalities design. We did a user test with the telephone sales team and other people of the company.



We prototyping based on the recommendations that we received in the user test of the wireframes. We relieved the pain points that the users found and we added some additional improvements. We did a user test with the telephone sales team again and with other volunteers in the company.

UI Design

UI Design

Most of the webs that we were seen when we did the competition study had a very serious and plane design, and they look alike with each other. We wanted to raise a serious design but at the same time, it was more friendly. We used a friendly iconography, some vector illustrations and a big palette of colors.

With the data of the previous months, we knew that more than 65 % of your users visit our websites on a desktop device, so we start designing by desktop.


We did the web design with the imperative elements to meet the 5 seconds rule. On every page of the website and every device, the user can see clearly the relevant information and the call to action to ask for a telephone call.

Helping users to make decisions

The functionalities

Having clarity the website content structure, we focused our efforts to design the functionalities that would give the answer to meet the needs of the user, and they help the conversion. We based on two types of users.

USER 1: The user doesn´t know the product.

Solution: Virtual assistant

The functionality, through some questions recommending him the best product to meet the customer needs and the final price.


USER 2: The user does know the product.

Solution: Price calculator 

The functionality is a price calculator that will show him the final price of the chosen product..


USER 3: The user knows the products and wants to compare

Solution: Product comparator

We did a product comparator to help the user to make the decision

Many thanks

To all the great people on my team who made this project possible. Nuria, Dario, Marina and the telephone sales team.