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Yolanda Delgado

Luxury Weddings

About the project

Yolanda Delgado is a professional stylist specialized in weddings. The project consisted of a company creation who offer additional value, providing other important services for the wedding who usually do different suppliers.


The creation of a totally new concept and innovator in Spain, creates a brand image that produces confidence. With the challenge that the target customers will be people with middle-high purchasing levels. That reduces the number of possible customers.


Building an MVP simple and usable, focused in the lead generation and the true user interest for the company concept will be analyzed it to ensure growth in the future until getting a it becomes a successful company.

My role

  • Product strategy
  • Competition Analysis
  • User research & Persona creation
  • MVP definition
  • Wireframes & Prototyping
  • UX / UI Design
  • Front End Development
  • Testing and optimizing

Research and conclusions


Usually, the couples who want to get married have very little time to organize the wedding and unless they contact a wedding planner, they must look for a supplier for each service that they need. It makes sense that a company that offers some of these services together will save time and cost to the customer, adding more value, and also be supported for great user experience. I put special focus so the user will not think that the company is a wedding planner. They are two different concepts.

A lot of wedding suppliers use this website to advertise their services

A lot of wedding suppliers use this website to advertise their services

Competition Study

After an extense competitive analysis, I came to the conclusion that no direct competitors exist for the company. I believed, each company was focusing on only one service so my hypothesis was correct. The product will be an innovator in Spain and it could have many possibilities for success.

Yolanda Delgado

I surveyed the friends and social network followers of my client. I received 18 answers.

1. Are you female or male?
82 % of the users are female

2. How old are you?
41 % of the users have between 35-45 years old
34 % of the users have between 25-35 years old

3. What is your current marital status?
34 % of the users want to get married
27 % of the users have a couple

4. How many companies do you think you will need to organize a wedding?
71 % of the users think that they need more than 5 companies

Yolanda Delgado

5. Do you know with confidence companies that can organize your wedding or you will have to search for them?
68 % of the users don't have and will need looking for

6. If found a company who offers you some services that you need together to organize your wedding, saving time and money. Would you contact their services?
52 % of the users say yes
45 % of the users don´t know

7. What is more important for you when you are going to contact a service for your wedding?
38 % of the users want a good price
31 % of the users want good attention

8. How do you prefer to contact the services for your wedding?
48 % of the users prefer hiring by the online channel
24 % of the users prefer hiring by telephone 

Yolanda Delgado

Customer journey

With the help of the survey, I clarified that the decision-making process of the clients in the project who would do it as follows: search the Internet, visit the web, chat through WhatsApp or phone calls, meet face to face to close the final details.

Yolanda Delgado


Based on the survey answers and the previous experience of my client in the sector, I defined three user personas that they helped me to focus on the product and the user experience


It was clear to me that I had to build a highly visual user experience without too much information, because the surveys revealed that the client feels more comfortable hiring wedding services by phone or in person. So the user should have the possibility to contact the company by phone at any time.

Design Process
Yolanda Delgado


The customer would want to find the balance between a moderate financial investment and a good product. I had to do an MVP as basic and as simple as possible, so I decided to design a parallax scrolling product.

Yolanda Delgado


I sketched a first approximation of the web structure and its functionalities. Clearly, I had to give it to the user the possibility to contact the company through WhatsApp, because a lot of people prefer this communication channel for the first contact. I did a user test with some friends of my client.


  • They gave us some ideas about some services the company could have in the portfolio.

In general, the users understood very well the sketches and they didn’t give me more feedback.

Yolanda Delgado


I did the prototypes with the final information architecture and how the user experience would be in each part of the website. I did the user test with the same people who I tested the sketches.


Because it was a very simple website the users did not see any pain point in the prototypes. 

Yolanda Delgado
UI Design
Yolanda Delgado

UI Design

From the moment I started designing I wanted to make a user interface that evoked a luxury company image with a lot of experience on the market. 95% of the images that I used on the website, were images of real work that my client made. I was inspired by luxury website brands and my client was satisfied with the final result.

Many thanks

Many thanks to Yolanda Delgado for giving me the opportunity to participate in this project. Thanks also to the people who participated in the research and construction of the company's potential client.