Highly creative, versatile, and strategic Head of Product Design. Results-driven professional with solid experience delivering world-class products based on a solid understanding of the design principles and processes. Proven problem-solving in challenging situations through best user research and user testing practices. Superb team leadership abilities with strong expertise working closely with multi-disciplined teams and stakeholders. Technical proficiency in collaborative design tools. Attention to detail and highly committed to deadlines.

+10 years
as a Product Design Leader
as a Senior Product Designer
SaaS, Insurance, eCommerce Retail, eCommerce Telco, Health, Automotive, and Digital Agencies.


I have more than 9 years of experience working as a Head of Product Design in large companies in Spain in the following industries: Insurance, retail, and telco. My main role was the optimization and improvement of the Design Process and improve and ensure the productivity and results of the Product Design Team through the best UX practices.

I have managed teams of up to 15 people with Senior Product Designers, UX Researchers, UI Designers, and in some cases Front-End developers, working closely with multi-disciplined teams, and managing the interaction with stakeholders. I was also responsible for supplier management, searching for new tools that allow me to improve the team's results.

Monitoring and measuring UX actions is also an important part of my daily work. After a product deployment, I conduct different users’ researches to figure out the impact of UX actions on the users' behavior and therefore, on the results of commercial goals. With this researches, I also could find possible improvement points and identify business opportunities based on the users' needs.


In my +10 years experience as a Senior Product Designer, I have been responsible for doing tasks in all stages of the Design Process in different companies. Thus, I have large know-how experience in user research, information architecture, user flows, user experience design, interface design, prototyping, and user testing.

I also have high knowledge in front-end development (HTML and CSS) having worked in hybrid roles (design/front-end) in some companies. I have always worked closely with engineering teams and have a lot of experience with back-end development processes and the possible issues that can arise between product design and product development.

I also have a large experience working with design tools like Sketch, Figma, Adobe, InVision, Abstract, Google tools, etc. And large experience in user researching and user testing platforms.

During the first years of my professional career, I worked in digital agencies having the opportunity to face multiple challenges in different industries. Afterward, I have always worked in in-house positions in different companies.


At the beginning of my career, a web designer had to know how to design and also how to build the website (coding), therefore I got several years of experience coding HTML and CSS. In the following years, companies start wanted the designers were focusing on the user experience, therefore the figure of web designers split into two areas, UX/UI design and Front-End development. But these areas always were and are very close to each other, so I have never left the coding part, I always tried to be updated in the last technologies since working closely with the engineer's team is a part of daily product designer work.

Having a good user experience is mandatory in order to get better business results, and the website's speed is a very important part of the user experience, The website's speed depends on how good or bad is the front-end and back-end code, so it is very important for a product designer at least understand the code.

"Despite I am not a front-end developer, I can code in HTML5 and CSS3 properly, and all my career I have been working closely with engineers, therefore I understand very well their job and the common problems in the development stages. Proof of that is this portfolio, where I have the maximum punctuation on Page Speed Insight by Google.".




If all of us put a description of who we are and what our values are in our CVs, it is the first thing I would read when I need to hire someone. From my view, human values are essential not only in a personal environment but also in a professional one. We spend most of our time working and interacting with other professionals, and above all, there should be politeness, respect, kindness, tolerance, and fellowship.

I am passionate about my work, but I am also passionate about my personal life, and I firmly believe that for people have a good performance in their professional lives, there must be a good balance between personal life and professional life. I have been able to see for years many people burned by overwork and lack of conciliation with their personal lives, with the consequent detriment to productivity and results.

Therefore, in my way of managing teams, the human factor is essential in terms of relationships between colleagues and in terms of how to be the leader of a team.


I consider myself a very lucky person for having the life that I have and for having had the possibilities that my family and the country where I was born gave me, and I firmly believe that all of us who have had better luck in life should care and help those who unfortunately they weren't so lucky.

Therefore, whenever my time allows, I do volunteer work with people who need help. I have spent several years helping disabled children and adults with their treatments through the water in the local swimming pool in my city. And whenever I can, I try to help people who have been less fortunate than me. It is just a drop in the ocean, but many drops can be liters of water.

Making people who have had less luck in life laugh, deserves a bit of our time.